Polyethylene foam is a closed-cell material, made by the expansion of polyethylene. It is more durable, bendable, and weatherproof than parquet underlay.

The polyethylene foam is made in Finland by NMC Termonova OY, whose products have been sold by our company in Estonia and in the Baltic market since 1993.

Polyethylene foam is bendable, retains heat, and repels moisture. It is manufactured with the special weight of 28 – 200 kg/m3 in a roll or as a sheet. The widths of the rolls are usually 100 – 200 cm. It is possible to order the product in a variety of colors. The usual color is graphite gray.

Our clients use this material to make gaskets, for upholstering, padding, soundproofing, insulation and so forth.

Our offered polyethylene foam products are camping mats, sitting pads, foldable aerobics mats, wrestling mats, knee pads, gardener’s knee pads, swimming boards and so forth.

This material can be easily laminated, heat molded, cut, and shaped. We can combine various techniques when making our products. We can cut the rolls thinner, shred, or shape them, and cut various details, laminate, and heat mold as well. Additionally, we can make sheets or blocks with varying thickness.

From the warehouse, we can offer material with a special weight of 28 kg/m3 and thicknesses of 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 , 25, and 30 mm. The rolls are up to 150 cm wide. The material with 10 mm thickness comes also 200 cm wide. Also available from the warehouse, 200x100x5 cm sized material in sheet form. Color: graphite gray.
Special orders can be placed by phone or email.