Polyethylene film (hereinafter “PE film”) and polypropylene film (hereinafter “PP film”) are very good packaging materials due to their easy processability, such as cutting, hot welding and printing. They are also waterproof, secure against leakage, have elasticity and strength, and low weight per square meter. The plastic used and the films made from it comply with the requirements and norms established by the relevant directives, laws, and regulations of the
European Parliament, the European Commission and the Republic of Estonia.
We dispense PE film in rolls weighing 5 to 300 kg and 65 to 1500 mm wide.
We can produce PE films with the following properties:

● in three different shapes – as a sleeve, a half sleeve and a single-layer roll
● with a thickness of 0.016 to 0.2 mm
● width 65 to 1500mm
● perforated film roll- sleeve/ half sleeve
● folded sleeve/ folded half sleeve
● different colors – transparent e.natural, white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, silver, etc.
● 2- and 3-layered, and layered films with different color options
● food safe for packaging food products. This could be either film or plastic bags made for this purpose
● outdoor, special-purpose films with a UV stabilizer, which reduces the destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation, thereby extending the life of the film and providing excellent protection when used for greenhouses, for packaging or covering wood or other raw materials at home, at construction sites and in agriculture
● printed film- it is possible to print text, images, or symbols using up to six colors
● trash bags
● PP bags

We manufacture all film products with the above properties according to individual orders. If necessary, we provide the customer with a declaration of conformity, which confirms the compliance of the film with the applicable legislation and the technical description of the film EE 10056929 PC 1: 2007.