Wall mounted pull up/press up gym bar

The gym bar  is the ultimate pull up  and  press up bar designed for the serious body builder/athlete. The gym bar „Kombi“  enables you to do various pull up grip positions (wide grip, reverse grip, close grip, and hammer grip) that work on your compound muscles for fast, maximum results. Develop your back, chest, shoulders, lats, biceps, triceps, and forearms using your body’s weight resistance. Achieve those six-pack abs by doing a variety of hanging crunches that effectively target different areas of your abdomen, including your lower core.

It has two position for mounting. It is easy to assemble and ready to use. The heavy duty gym bar „Kombi“ is built professionaly of hi-grade steel, non-slip powder coating and comfort neoprene grips.

Framework: welded with increased stiffness, or collapsible (suitable for transportation).


Device including mounting hardware


Width: 98cm

Depth: 46cm

Tube diameter: 2,8 cm

Weight: about 4.6 kg



Supplied with mounting hardware

Load capacity: up to 150 kg

Price: 293.90