Wall bar pull-up exercise station “Kombi”

This multifunctional exercise station enables professional level workout at home. It is used for knee and leg raises, dips, and chin-ups, providing a thorough workout for chest-, arm-, and back muscles, as well as for abs. Can be used by children or adults.
This pull-up exercise station has a strong metal frame, cushioned elbow and back supports, and neoprene covered handles. It is attached to a wooden wall bar by hooks. It is easy to put up or take down and change its positions. This pull-up bar has 2 possible positions: pull-up and parallel bar

Pull-up bar and parallel bars’ handle diameter= 2,5 cm

Pull-up bar length 110 cm

Pull-up bar distance from wall (including the bar itself) 50 cm

Parallel bars distance from the wall 75 cm

Parallel bars distance from each other 60 cm

Supports up to 130 kg




Price: 279.00