Massage roller Prego Trendy Sport

With the Trendy Prego  fascia roll, you can use specific exercises to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. In the affected areas, an intensive self-massage is achieved by gently pressing your own body weight.

The pyramid-shaped massage points of the Trendy Prego®  are especially suitable for deep-seated and tight-fitting tensions in the muscle areas of the lower extremities, the back and for stabilizing the trunk. The gently arched center provides relief for the spine and at the same time an intensive massage of all adjacent muscle areas.  Accessories such as the Trendy Tres Forca are kept and closed with the screw cap.

The fascia roll can be extended together with the Trendy connector and a second Trendy Prego. (Not included in the delivery) For this purpose, one cover part is unscrewed and the connector screwed in between. So you get a large fascia roll with an even more diverse choice between standing, lying or sitting exercises.

Dimensions: 33cm / Ø13cm

Material: EVA

Color: black

Price: 26.50