Large soft geometric building blocks, set

These blocks are perfect for imaginative play, for fostering spatial perception, developing fine and gross motor skills. Can be utilized at home, kindergarten, preschool, and any other play areas. The set is easy to clean and store- all shapes fit conveniently in the included storage bag.

Cover: durable PVC-treated nylon fabric.

Content: polyurethane foam (density 35kg / m3)

The set includes:

cube  24x24x24cm 6 pcs.

cuboid  48x24x12cm 4 pcs.

cuboid   48x24x24cm 1 pcs.

triangular prism  24x24x34cm 4 pcs.

cylinder  d=24cm, h=24cm 2 pcs.

Dimensions of the storage bag: 48x96x48 cm

Price: 501.30