Wooden balance disc, d=32 cm

The balance disc helps strengthen the back muscles, improve posture, and relax the muscles of the whole body after a long workday or after being in one position for a while. It also helps to improve spinal flexibility and to prevent bad posture. When using the balance disc, you are involving all of the muscle groups connected to the spine.

Usage: Stand on the balance disk, place your feet with enough distance to reach the edge of the disc. Stand and look straight ahead, and try to hold balance without the disc edges touching the floor. You can do circular movements, and lean on one side or the other. This disc can be also used in a
sitting position, when placed on a chair with a level surface. This device is suitable for all ages and there are no contraindications. To enhance the results of massage and therapy sessions, follow up with exercises on this balance disc.
The top of the balance disc is made from plywood and the base from birch wood. Top finished with tinted lacquer (white).  Available also with a natural wooden look- finished with a clear lacquer (upon request).

Product shown in the photo gallery: the top of the balance disc and the bottom of the balance disc.

Price: 77.30