Wall bar pull-up bar “Profi”

This pull-up bar is hung on a wall bar.

Great for exercising back, chest, shoulder, neck, and arm muscles. Constructed from metal barssquare
bar (0,3х0,3 cm), round bar (diameter=2,5 cm). Height is easily adjusted. Handles coated neoprene.

Powder coated with white color- RAL Classic.

Width of the bar is 69 cm. Suitable for wall bars with inside measure starting from 70 cm.

May be ordered in different colors and according to custom measurements. When ordering please provide accurate measurements! (Wall bar inside measure, bar diameter, measure of bar gaps).

Maximum weight capacity: children’s wall bar up to 80 kg; adult wall bar up to 120 kg.

On order, delivery time 1-2 weeks.

Price: 123.50