High jump mat 200x150x45 cm

This high jump mat comes in the size of 2×1,5m and thickness of 30, 45 ja 60cm. The cover is made from durable PVC-fabric. The filler is made up from layers of polyurethane foam, which have a special structure. The mat’s sides have PVC mesh, which enables the air to circulate well. The separate pieces can be secured together by velcro fastening and sides have additional strap attachments. The individual mats can be secured together, forming a surface of 2x3m, 2×4,5m,
3x4m or upto required size. Additionally, we have an extra cover to extend the life of the mat against damage from track spikes. This protection cover is usually 5 cm thick. This cover is recommended when the high jump mat is used outdoors and the athletes are wearing track spike shoes.

Price: 744.20