Kinesiology tape Gymstick

Colors (black, pink)

Length 5 meters per roll, width 5 cm.

Material: 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Used during joint and muscle pain or after trauma.

1) Kinesiology tape should be taped on at least 20 minutes before training and sweating, otherwise the tape will not adhere properly. For better adherence, skin should also be clean, not oily, and without hair.

2) The muscle or joint (i.e. knee, elbow, back, etc.) should be stretched out when applying the tape. A great way to do that is during stretching exercises. When applying the tape do not stretch the tape too much.

3) The tape ends should be rounded out, to prevent loosening and fraying of the tape.

4) When the tape is applied, avoid touching the adhesive side to ensure maximum adherence. After applying the tape, rub it with the protective film for better adherence. Do not rub too hard, otherwise it will result in loosening the tape. Properly applied tape should be slightly wrinkled or wavy to allow for movement.

5) Kinesiology tape is made from cotton and easily absorbs moisture, which allows for prolonged use. Due to reduced elasticity after the fifth day of wear, it is not recommended to wear the tape longer than a week.

6) The tape should be pulled off the skin gently. It is easier after taking a shower, when the tape is wet and skin is moist.



Price: 7.50